In the past 15 years the Share4Dev (S4D) Knowledge Base, a multi-stakeholder, open-access platform for sustainable development, supported government agencies, development partners, NGOs, research institutes and universities, networks, companies, farmers organizations to systematically manage and share information and knowledge. It offered a rapid and cost-effective solution to store and share information and support policy development, planning, knowledge sharing and innovation.

Key (inter)national networks & programmes that used Share4Dev (S4D) Knowledge Base: 

  1. NRSP - Natural Resources Systems Programme of DFID with information on a 10-years DFID-funded programme of 150 NRM projects and over 3,000 documents, experts and partner organizations 
  2. Telesupport India network : EU-Indian partnership to share practices and related information on sustainable agriculture and NRM
  3. FFSnet (Global Farmer Field School Network) uses the knowledge base for their Global Farmer Field School Expert Network 
  4. TelecentresAfrica (ICT4D) Network
  5. Food and Nutrition Security Suriname Network.